1. Internal Hex Connection Spark Implants

    Logic Plus Implant Prosthetics and the Spark Dental Implants Range

    One of the highlights of Hi-Tec internal hex connection implants is compatibility between systems. Hi-Tec Implants have been designed to...

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  2. Internal Hexagon Implants and Prosthetics

    Alternatives to Zimmer® Healing Abutments and Prosthetics

    Internal hex implants are used for a variety of restorations where clinicians seek excellent stability, healing, and long-life. If you’re a clinician...

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  3. Implant Solutions

    Implant Solutions Comparable to Blue Sky Bio™ Implants

    Reliable implants are essential for restorations that are long-lasting and free of infection. Clinicians in the U.S. can order the most advanced implant...

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  4. Implant and Prosthetic Supply

    Implants and Prosthetics Compatible with BioHorizons® Dental

    Affordability and compatibility are two key aspects of Hi-Tec Implants that have made them popular with clinicians in the United States and around...

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  5. Supplies for All of Your Surgical Needs

    Dental Implant Supplies for All of Your Surgical Needs

    Dental Implant Technologies is a leading American dental implant supplies company offering a range of implants, prosthetic attachments, components, and...

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  6. Conical Implant Solutions

    Compatible Conical Implant Solutions for Nobel Biocare™ Implants and Implant Direct™ Active Implants

    Dental Implant Technologies is a distributor of Hi-Tec Implants in the United States, offering a range of...

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  7. Solutions for Restorative Complications

    Overcoming Restorative Complications with Compatible Prosthetics for Zimmer® Biomet Implants

    Implant treatment is the most efficient and most long-term way to restore the esthetic and function of patients who...

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  8. Solutions with the Internal Hex Connection

    Finding Restorative Solutions with Alternatives to Zimmer® Biomet Implants

    Dental Implant Technologies is an American distributor of Hi-Tec Implants, with several systems available that are comparable to...

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  9. Internal Hexagon Compatible Implants

    Hi-Tec Implants are Compatible with Zimmer® Internal Hex Connection

    Practitioners familiar with the Zimmer® internal hex connection system used for Screw-Vent™ implants can find cost-effective alternatives...

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  10. Castable Abutments

    UCLA Castable Abutments for Hi-Tec Implants

    For efficient height and angle correction, UCLA castable abutments are frequently used in restorative dentistry. Castable abutments allow for a high level of...

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